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During E3 2006 Nintendo introduced a Classic Controller, which plugs into the Wii Remote via a cord, similar to the Nunchuk controller. The classic controller showcased contains no space for the Wii Remote to slot inside, as previously described, but does contain notches on the backside, presumably for clipping the controller to something else. The purpose for these notches remains undisclosed.

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The Classic Controller features two analog sticks, a D-pad, a, b, X, and Y buttons, L and R analog shoulder buttons and a Z button located next to the R shoulder button. Despite press material which indicates a Z button next to the L button (referred to as 'ZL'; the Z button on the right side referred to as 'ZR'), hands-on accounts from E3 have reported that the most recent design has no Z button on the left side. It also has a set of -, Home, and + buttons like those on the Wii-mote, with the - and + buttons labelled 'Select' and 'Start', respectively.

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The Wii Remote (pronounced we-remote), also called the "Wii-Mote", is the controller for Nintendo's next generation console, named Wii. It has received attention for being unlike the controllers for any other popular gaming console. Nintendo representatives have noted that the controller is still considered a prototype, as the possibility for major and minor changes exist.

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Okay now I might actually consider getting one of these things now that I know there will be a real controller for it (and now that I know I will probably be waiting two to three years for the PS3 to drop in price down to an amount I would actually be willing to spend on a console). The ergonomics of it don't look so great though (of course when was the last time Nintendo actually considered ergonomics??? oh never). The big shoulder buttons should be angled back more and those two little shoulder buttons (at least that is what the appear to be) look like they are in a really horrible spot.

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The primary controller for Wii is not based on the traditional gamepad controller design of current gaming consoles, instead assuming a one-handed remote control-based design more familiar to the non-gaming public. This was done in part to appeal the console to a broader audience.

Named the "Wii Remote" (often referred to as the "Wii-mote"), the controller communicates wirelessly with the console via short-range Bluetooth radio, with which it is possible to operate up to 4 controllers as far as 10 meters (approx. 33 ft.) from the console.[1][2] The controller's symmetrical design allows it to be used left-handed or right-handed. The Wii Remote can also be turned on its side and used like a NES controller.


The Wii-mote features 6KB of "non-volatile" memory. IGN Wii speculates that this "throwaway" memory may be used utilized for the internal speaker revealed at E3, or to store custom settings for the controller.


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Wii Zapper - Nintendo has showcased a gun-like "Zapper" shell for the Wii Remote. The Wii Remote slots into the "gun barrel" of the shell.The shell features a "trigger hole", as well as an analog stick on the top of the handle.The controller expansion was reported by various gaming websites to be utilized for a Duck Hunt sequel.

Nintendo intends to launch Wii sometime in the fourth quarter of 2006. Nothing beyond this has yet been announced, though the rumor mill is pretty strongly beyond October. Nintendo has committed to making further announcements come September.

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Color variations at launch time are currently unknown; Nintendo has said that they are waiting for feedback before they confirm any of the colors.[4] At E3 2006, Nintendo displayed white, black, and blue controllers. Personalization - In an interview with Kotaku, Shigeru Miyamoto mentioned that, as it is hoped that every player in the household will ultimately have their own Wii Remote, one of Nintendo's ideas for the Wii Remote is the creation of personalized user profiles which are tied to individual Remotes

That controller is beautiful. Very shiny and stylish, much like the new DS lite. Nintendo much have fired their design teams and hired someone worth a damn. One question though. Why is it not wireless?

The Wii gameplay will be excellent based on what I've seen, but the lack of HD output may really hurt the Wii. By the time all 3 next-gen systems are in homes and have a decent library of games to compete with each other, many more people will have adopted HDTV sets (especially considering plummeting prices and HD broadcasts being the status quo by 2008). The Wii might get left behind. Wii Mod Chips. Wii Backup.

PS3 Motion Controller:
Sony's PS3 motion sensing controller, although it may not be as unique as the Wii's, will probably suffice for any gamer wishing for a more immersive experience than in past consoles, but also an HD view of games & gfx.

XBOX still has... um, HD-DVD?:
Xbox is the odd-man-out here. SONY and NINTENDO should live-on due to their respective R&D investments, but Microsoft may be in danger with inferior to PS3 gfx, and inferior to Wii immersiveness, and nothing really exceptionally different to offer. Really good exclusive titles are what they will need to survive to the next-next-gen.

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